Nolan’s Place is an autism therapy center that offers effective behavioral treatment to children in early childhood diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. We provide a place of support, love, encouragement and opportunity for children in early childhood with autism spectrum disorder and their families.

We believe that your child has a unique set of talents and strengths that should be embraced. Our staff includes a licensed marriage and family therapist, a lead therapist with 6 years of experience working in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and multiple behavioral technicians experienced in working with children with autism.


Nolan’s Place was founded in 2018 by Sallie Graves and Jill Fellows. When Sallie’s energetic, loving, and intelligent son, Nolan, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, the lack of services for children with autism in the Willmar area became increasingly evident. Together, Sallie and Jill, Nolan’s school-based occupational therapist, were called to bring support, love, and services to families affected by autism that otherwise have very limited access to these necessities. In 2022, they expanded their services to include providing in home therapy to children and families in the Mankato, MN area. In addition, they are excited to announce that they’ll also be providing in home services in the Rochester, MN area beginning in Summer 2023!


Individualized 1:1 treatment that focuses on your child’s specific needs, skills, interests, and family situation.

Research has strongly shown that best outcomes are achieved through an intensive program. Therefore, we require a commitment of at least 20 to 40 hours per week of therapy to help your child reach their full potential. The number of therapy hours recommended for each child is based on the results of a comprehensive evaluation.

Areas of focus may include the following skills: social, play, cognitive, adaptive, behavior management, language, motor, healthy family functioning.

Early intensive behavioral and developmental intervention using principles and techniques of ABA to bring about meaningful and positive change in your child’s behavior.

ABA is widely recognized as a safe and effective treatment for autism.


Medical Diagnosis

Ensure your child has a current medical diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Complete a comprehensive evaluation to determine your child’s specific needs


Complete all intake paperwork provided by Nolan’s Place


We do our best to accommodate the needs of each child. At times, there may be a waiting period before your child is able to begin services depending on our current capacity. You will be contacted to begin services when there is an opening available to fit your child’s needs.


1State funded insurance plans typically cover our services.

2Most private insurances will cover part or all of the cost.

3Supplemental insurance will cover any remaining cost.

4If you are unsure of your insurance coverage, Nolan’s Place can help you determine what is covered.



Throughout the day, some or all of the following activities are embedded into both individual and group therapy sessions: Circle time, large motor games, variety of sensory experiences, community outings, social engagement with peers, practicing self-help skills (including snack/meal preparation, grooming, managing personal belongings, etc.), and promoting communication at each child’s individual ability level.